Appeal for Peace in Israel and Palestine

Horrified by the escalating violence in Israel and Palestine, we unconditionally condemn the massacre of the Israeli population committed by Hamas, as well as the state terror that the State of Israel has been systematically carrying out against the Palestinian civilians for decades, and which in the last weeks has reached the proportions of an immeasurable human and humanitarian tragedy.

We oppose the killing of the people, the brutality of the violence with unfathomable implications, the systemic dehumanization and the forced displacement of the Palestinian people.

We demand an immediate end to the bombing of Gaza and the opening of a permanent humanitarian corridor for the delivery of food, water and medicine to the population of Gaza!

We urge for an immediate cessation of military operations and end to further acts of violence as well as new negotiations leading to a possible just solution for both sides, including political autonomy/self-government for the Palestinian people.

This human tragedy can be stopped only by finding a just political solution.

There is no comparability in the scales of the criminal operations, the traumatic scenarios, or the reasons that led to them. However, all war crimes committed in both Palestine and Israel must be prosecuted.

Being aware that every war means an escalation of gender-based violence we insist that special attention be given to women and girls including all kinds of support.

We demand that global political actors, instead of bias and warlike geopolitical maneuvers, create a space for dialogue for peace.

We demand that the Croatian authorities, instead of providing unconditional support to the state of Israel, strongly advocate for finding a peaceful political solution for Palestine.

We do not accept a world order in which violence has not only become legitimate but also a desirable means of resolving conflicts, and growing militarization - a way of living.

Therefore, we join all the voices around the world that these days demand an immediate cessation of military operations in the territory of Israel and Palestine in particular, as well as across the entire Middle East.

Ad hoc Feminist Anti-War Coalition, Croatia, October 24, 2023