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Call for materials for an E-zine Library!

2012.09.30 Sun

D-WAN (Documentary-WAN) is scheduled to archive booklets for and by women who cleared the path of Japanese feminism and open an online library in 2013 to pass on information to the next generation.

To start, D-WAN sent out a call for materials for an E-zine library so that people can get specific and ongoing information about the preparation for the library. The library is going to carry essays on the history, significance, and episodes of Japanese women.

Any information, for example “I know such and such mini publication,” is welcome! You can contact D-WAN at the following e-mail address:

This effort was reported by Kyodo News.

On the WAN website, you can see a statement calling for participation, a prospectus, and occasional librarian newsletters ( Please check it out.

Translated and adapted by Naoko Uchibori.

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