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Join Us! - Women's Organization against Nuclear Power

2011.11.01 Tue

We launched Women’s Organization against Nuclear Power. (You can find the list of who “we” are in the original website but it’s only available in Japanese.) The kick-off meeting starts at 1:30 p.m. on November 23rdin Tokyo .
The Fukushima nuclear power plants’ accident teaches us that human beings cannot control nuclear power plants. Operating power plants in Japan, the earthquake-prone archipelago, is extremely risky and we don’t have any solutions to the disposal of radioactive waste. Now is the time to change Japan’s energy policy, where nuclear power generation has been promoted. Let’s realize denuclearization.
Now is the critical moment. Fellow women, let’s cooperate.
Support Women’s Organization against Nuclear Power!
The Japanese flyer is here.
  • If you support us, fax or e-mail us.
  • You can also become a supporter from our website.
  • Please make a donation through bank transfer if possible.
  • The units of donation are 1,000 yen.
  • We are going to use your contribution for the activities and administration of the organization.

Thank you.

TEL: 03-6550-1111

FAX: 03-6551-1111


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Original article on the WAN website.

Translated and adapted by Atsuko Ishikawa