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Grassroots Women’s Movement to Change Society through the Power of Information Exchange

2012.09.30 Sun

WAN debuted at the summer forum of the National Women’s Education Center of Japan (NWEC) holding a workshop on how women, especially local women, can perform key administrative roles in exchanging information.

In the workshop, the Chief Director of WAN, Chizuko Ueno, made a keynote speech regarding how local women’s exchange of information can change society. Following Ueno’s lecture, a panel discussion was held to talk about achievements and problems of a joint project called “Book Talk,” which was about a twelve-volume collection, Feminism in Japan, New Edition, and took place in some places around Japan. In the panel discussion, participants discussed the effective and practical ways to share and disseminate reliable information with women, for women, and by women in the local areas of Japan.

WAN Workshop at the NWEC Forum

Date: August 26, 2012
Time: 10:00 am-12:00 pm
Place: National Women’s Education Center of Japan
Large Conference Room, Seminar Hall

Keynote Address
Theme: Grassroots Women’s Movement to Change Society

through the Power of Information Exchange
Speaker: Chizuko Ueno (Director of WAN, Professor Emeritus at the University of Tokyo)

Panel Discussion
Theme: Achievements and Issues Revealed by “Book Talk”
Facilitator: Chizuko Ueno

Panelists: Jyunko Kaneko (SOLE, Kochi Gender Equality Center)
Hiroko Tanaka (NPO, Aomori Gender Equality Research Institute)
Atsuko Sugawara (Sapporo Gender Equality Center)

The day before the official workshop program, WAN held an exchange party, “WAN Night.” The party room was packed with many participants from all over Japan. A variety of people: people who wondered “What is WAN?,” people who had made statements on the WAN website, people who already knew WAN, came together and had fun at WAN Night!

Original Articles on the WAN website (August 6, 2012) (August 27, 2012)
Translated and adapted by Naoko Uchibori

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