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NAWA Axis for Peace – Project 2014

2014.11.29 Sat

NAWA Axis for Peace – Project 2014
By Environmental Artist, Dr. Mariyo Yagi in New York
NAWA AXIS for Peace_ Photo byYuna Yagi020021

Dr. Mariyo Yagi, Environmental Artist believes the starting point of human culture was a twisting grass into a rope. In Japan, when rope is ritually used, it is called Nawa. The Nawa is the spiral structure itself, which has been documented in the micro and macro of nature from DNA to Cosmos. In ancient Japanese, na means “you” and wa means “I.” She calls “Nawa” thus signifies our own creative interaction, our oneness from diversity. Nawa is a bonding of spirits between people and people, between nature and people with spiral energy. “Nawa axis” symbolizes unity for peace.
In 2014, Dr. Yagi built NAWA Axis in East Hampton, New York.
During the event of NAWA Axis for Peace – Project 2014, more than 100 hands worked together, twisting the monumental NAWA rope column, and raising it at its site in the beautiful garden of the LongHouse Reserve.
If you have a chance to visit New York, please come by LongHouse Reserve. Exhibition will take place from April to November every year from 2014 to 2017.

LongHouse Reserve
133 Hands Creek Rd East Hampton New York 11937 USA
TEL +1 631 329 3568
Original Article on the WAN Website http://wan.or.jp/art/?p=8680 (11/29/2014)
Translated and Adapted by MO

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