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“We Refuse Abe’s Politics” – Call for Action at 14:00 (German time) on August 15th, Saturday

2015.08.14 Fri

ACTION: “We Refuse Abe’s Politics 0815” “Nein zu ABEs Politik 0815”

Date: Saturday 15th August
Time: 14:00 (German Time)

Let’s wave placards!

Venue: In front of your house, in your house, in your office, etc. Take photos of your action and post them to Facebook.

Placards: Japanese, German (Download from here.)


On 15th July, The Japanese Lower House steamrolled security bills which a number of constitutional scholars consider as unconstitutional. The majority of the Japanese citizens are opposed to the bills.

If the Upper House approves the bills, Japan would be able to use military forces when Japanese allies such as the United States are attacked even if Japan itself is not directly attacked. It would also be able to dispatch the Self-Defense Forces abroad to provide logistics support to the military of its allies when they claim they are working for an international peace-keeping operation.

It’s a significant policy change for Japan, which, for so many years, has been a pacifist nation renouncing war. Some point out that Japan will run the risk of having nuclear power plants targeted by missiles.

As a reaction against Prime Minister Abe’s brutal politics, Hisae Sawachi, a novelist, led a protest against the bills.

The Asahi Shimbun reported the protest.
Sawachi and those who agreed with her launched a website.
718 response:

Protest against the Japanese Government (Abe’s Regime) in Germany

In Japan, on 18th July, at 1 PM, protesters waved the same placard at more than 1000 sites throughout the country.

We are going to do the same action in Germany on 15th August.
If you can join us, let’s bring placards and meet in front of the art museum, K20 GRABBEPLATZ (Grabbeplatz 5, 40213 Düsseldorf).

Original article:
Abridged Translation: Atsuko Ishikawa

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