The Asia Leadership Fellow Program is currently welcoming applications for next year’s Asia Leadership Fellow Program (ALFP 2018).

Initiated in 1996, ALFP is a joint program of the International House of Japan and the Japan Foundation that seeks to create a close, personal and professional network of public intellectuals in Asia, who share humanistic concerns about our fluid world and are dedicated to seeking out new paradigms through interaction and dialogue in depth. This program will provide the opportunity for the fellows to reside in Japan for two months from September 10 through November 2, 2018, in order to interact with their fellow colleagues as well as with their counterparts in Japan.

“Imagining Plural Asias: How Can We Enrich Interrelationships across Boarders?” is the theme set for the 2018 program. The Fellows will engage collaboratively in various activities, including seminars with resource persons, field trips, and a public seminar. They will also be given a chance to do their own activities based on their own interests.

The application deadline is Wednesday, December 13, 2017.

The objectives, eligibility, selection procedures and other administrative details are fully described in the application packet found on the following website. Application forms and guidelines are also available online: