Tokyo, March 3, 2022

We oppose any form of violence.

We are Worldwide-WAN [W-WAN], a group within the Women’s Action Network, a certified NPO for feminists. Based in Japan, we work with women from around the world.

Now, Russia has invaded Ukraine. Injudicious attacks have been imposed on the land under overwhelming military power and innocent civilians have been killed. Refugees are surging over the borders, fleeing from the bloodshed.

We oppose all wars, whether it be the ongoing war in Ukraine or conflicts that are happening somewhere in this world invisible to us.

We oppose taking any lives. We are against the loss of any life, whether it be the lives of Ukrainian soldiers, of Russian soldiers, of idiotic leaders, of animals, and the loss of nature on the battlefield due to foolish humans.
Furthermore, we oppose any operations that sacrifice the weak.

We, active members of W-WAN, want a peaceful and safe society. In solidarity with all the people at home and abroad who fight against the clear and present danger, the Russo-Ukrainian War, we declare that we will make every effort to end it immediately. We also send our heartfelt solidarity with everyone in Russia who are taking risks to protest the war.

Worldwide-WAN 平和連帯宣言
Декларация W-WAN о мире и солидарности
W-WAN-Erklärung zu Frieden und Solidarität
Déclaration de solidarité pour la paix du Worldwide-WAN
بیانیهبیانیه صلح و همبستگی همبستگی Worldwide-WAN
Declaración de Solidaridad por la Paz, Worldwide-WAN