Women and Gendered Violence,
a plenary panel of the 2022 Memory Studies Association Conference in Seoul will be held online on July 5, 8-10 am EDT, 9-11 pm Seoul/Tokyo, 2-4 pm CET.

Panelists are Ueno Chizuko, Eunshil Kim, and Rada Ivekovic, moderated by Carol Gluck

This round table looks at the question of women and gender violence in broad perspective. The issue of the "comfort women" and sex slavery is linked to trafficking, the human rights of women, past and present male psychology, power politics, and the constraints of law. But it is also linked to gender violence in daily life, in the workplace and at home, across classes and cultures. How can the presence of the comfort women in public memory serve not only to redress the grievances of the past but also to address the genderviolence in the present. And what, in short, is the use of such memory for the future?