Raising Voices: SafeBuddy's Online Event Shines Light on Female Genital Mutilation Awareness

Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) remains a silent yet harrowing reality for millions of women worldwide. SafeBuddy, a leading international organization dedicated to promoting women's rights and safety, recently organized an online event aimed at raising awareness about FGM. This article delves into the highlights of SafeBuddy's event, shedding light on the crucial discussions and initiatives undertaken to combat FGM.

■About SafeBuddy■
SafeBuddy, founded in August 2020, is led by girls from three Asian countries (Nepal, Japan, and the Philippines.) It aims to prevent sexual violence in teens and to establish a vast network for international youth to collaborate and innovate on girl’s rights agendas. To accomplish these visions, SafeBuddy is working on a sexual violence prevention app “SafeBuddy.” The app allows users to visualize and report cases of street sexual violence in public areas through a cloud map. They also design and plan events for broader girl’s rights issues, not limited to sexual violence. With these activities, SafeBuddy has connected with five countries, a following of 400+, and received accreditation from gender accelerators and pitch competitions in Japan and Taiwan. Moreover, SafeBuddy presented its ideas in a parallel event during the NGOCSW65 (Commission on the Status of Women.) The organization continues to grow and connect with girls worldwide through its events.

■About EmpowerHer Event■
EmpowerHer was a two-hour online event hosted by SafeBuddy on February 8th, 2024, in parallel with the United Nations International Day of Zero Tolerance for FGM. Notable speakers were lawyer Ms. Elizabeth from the Tanzania NPO Kwieco and youth peer educators from JCYCN in Nepal. The event aimed to educate and raise awareness of the complicated nature of FGM.

Key discussions during the event were understanding the cultural, social, and psychological factors contributing to the persistence of FGM and its impact on the physical and mental health of women and girls. Presentations further addressed the legal restrictions in preventing and eliminating FGM locally.

To end the event, SafeBuddy facilitated an awareness campaign where participants from Nepal and Japan were made into groups to create a social media post for FGM awareness and action. Each group brainstormed visual features and necessary information to include in their posts. SafeBuddy members finalized the designs from the lively talks and posted them on social media accounts. The posts are below.

*The two posts on the bottom left and the one on the top right were made from discussions with participants

With the International Day on ending FGM, the SafeBuddy team engaged with different youth groups in numerous countries, fostering collaboration and discussion to sustain momentum and drive tangible change in ending FGM. They learned the importance of continued support, solidarity, and collective action in achieving the goal of eradicating FGM and ensuring the rights and dignity of women and girls worldwide.

We call for all readers to join the movement in understanding the dilemmas and solutions for FGM, ensuring gender equality and human rights for all.

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声を上げる: SafeBuddyのオンラインイベントが女性器切除の問題に光を当てる


2020年8月にアジア3カ国(ネパール、日本、フィリピン)の女子学生で始めた SafeBuddyは、若者の性暴力を防止し、女性の権利の促進に向けたユースネットワークを構築することを目的としていいる。上記の達成に向けて、SafeBuddyは性暴力防止アプリを開発。 アプリではクラウド上のマップを通じて、公共の場での性暴力事例を可視化し、報告することができる。また、性暴力に限らず、より広範な女性の権利問題に焦点を当てたイベントを企画し運営している。これらの活動により、SafeBuddyは今まで5カ国から400人以上とつながり、日本や台湾のピッチコンテストにて功績を納めた。外部ではNGOCSW65(女性の地位委員会)のパラレルイベントにて、SafeBuddyの活動を発表した。







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Contact: safebuddy.org@gmail.com
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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/safebuddy_app/
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