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H-WAN: Help available at Women’s Action Network

2011.09.08 Thu

Women’s Action Network has finally launched its on-line consultation venue, H-WAN. Its first help project is “Kiyomi’s Counseling Room” led by Kiyomi Kawano, a renowned feminist counselor in Japan.

Kiyomi Kawano has worked as a counselor at psychiatric institutions and family service centers in Japan and America. She was the first to bring “feminist counseling” to Japan in the 1970s and the founder of a feminist therapy group “Nakama” in the 1980s. As a feminist-counseling pioneer, Kawano has supported the establishment of feminist counseling rooms across Japan, and is also a leading figure in studies on the mother-daughter relationship in feminist counseling.

In this digitalized era, the Internet enables women everywhere to voice their individual problems, which many others may silently share. H-WAN aims to draw attention to women’s issues, and will gradually expand its foci to health, welfare and law.
The service is provided on the WAN website and in Japanese only. For further details regarding postings on Kiyomi’s Counseling Room, please visit:
Translated and adapted by Aya Kitamura