(March 8th) Women's March Tokyo 2018
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"Women's March Tokyo" will be held on International Women's Day on March 8th, 2018! Let’s all walk together in the city of Tokyo!

About one year ago, as Mr. Donald Trump became President of the United States. His disrespect for women has aroused criticism, and many women around the world have stood up saying, “we can’t stay silent.”

These women raising their voices carefully looked back over what the feminist movement had overlooked, reconsidered the challenges facing society, changed it into their power, and took action.

In order to comprehensively solve the social issues addressed by women such as race, ethnicity, economic disparity, sexuality, disability, and immigration, it is necessary to change the current social structure itself. To that end, they demonstrated the idea that we should focus on the challenges which women have faced but have been left behind in previous feminist campaigns.

"A Day Without a Woman" conducted on International Women 's Day on March 8, 2017, followed the women's march held in January. People around the world demonstrated solidarity and it became a memorable day. Here in Japan as well, about 300 people gathered in the streets of Shibuya, Tokyo, marching with placards expressing “suffocation” and the "haziness and uncertainty" that they feel in their daily lives and spoke up. It was the 1st "Women's March Tokyo".

In the second half of 2017, the "# MeToo" movement spread globally. The circle of people who had been or are being sexually harassed and people who sympathize with their suffering grew. Other initiatives came up from this movement, and it is a great force to reconsider society's current situation.

In Japan in 2018, again we are going to hold the "Women's March Tokyo" on International Women's Day to share "the hardships of life" that women feel every day, and to be able to connect with each other and transform society. Of course, age and gender don’t matter. Anyone can join. We hope a lot of people join and walk together on the anniversary of International Women's Day.

For those who say, "Tokyo is far away", we suggest that you call for action in the area where you live. We would like you to take action in various places to liven up International Women's Day.

"Women's March Tokyo 2018" is held on March 8th. We are looking forward to seeing you all and being connected to various places!

[Date and Time] March 8th, 2018 (Thursday) The march is scheduled to start at 19:00
[Venue] United Nations University (It will be posted when it’s confirmed.)

* People who don’t want to show their face, please bring masks and sunglasses.
* You can also take part in a wheelchair or with a stroller.
* If you need support, please contact us in advance or ask the staff on the day.
* If you are uneasy about anything, please contact us (see below).

[Request for support by other groups]
We are looking for group support for Women's March Tokyo! We request a donation of over 3,000 yen from other groups. The donation will be used for expenses of the March. Please contact us if you wish to support the event but you can’t contribute financially.
[How to support the event]
Please fill out this form.

[Donation Payee]
- Postal Account:
Name: Tokutei Hieiri Katsudo Houjin Ajia Josei Siryo Senta (Asia-Japan Women's Resource Center, NPO)
- Bank Account: Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank Shibuya Branch (Ordinary) 0559831 Name: Tokutei Hieiri Katsudo Houjin Ajia Josei Shiryo Senta (Asia-Japan Women's Resource Center, NPO)

[Volunteer / Staff Wanted]
Volunteers and staff who will help with holding the March are wanted. For those who can help us, please contact the Executive Committee below.

"Women's March Tokyo 2018" Executive Committee (in Asia-Japan Women's Resource Center)
Email: womensmarchtokyo@gmail.com
Tel: 03-3780-5245
Fax: 03-3463-9752
14-10-211 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku Tokyo

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Translated by Atsuko Ishikawa