“In Japan, some politicians claim there is no such thing as sexual harassment crimes; how Japanese society turns a blind eye to these issues.”

The #Me Too movement has spread around the world to reveal the damage caused by sexual violence and sexual harassment.

Many people raised their voices to say, “time’s up!”. In other words, it's time to say goodbye to the world in which women are treated as objects and forced to tolerate inequality and instead to raise our voices as subjects. In Japan, where “Flower Demonstrations” have taken place, we have a chance to create change if we raise our voices as a whole.

Against this backdrop, I published this book in the hopes of it becoming your weapon to eliminate sexual harassment.

With the help from writers who are at the forefront of this matter, I will unravel the history and the structure of sexual harassment, share the problems of sexual violence and harassment that are being revealed in the #MeToo era, and introduce many effective measures that have been developing globally to eliminate sexual harassment, along with suggestions for the comprehensive reform of legal systems.

It is impossible to say how much sexual harassment and sexual violence have hurt young people who are about to enter society as adults. We cannot neglect these young people, who are our future, any longer.

I hope this book can clarify what we should change now and encourage us to move forward: to make a society where there is no sexual harassment at all.

The history and the structure of sexual harassment (Yukiko Tsunoda)
Present situation of sexual harassment in work places (Kumie Inoue)
Sexual harassment at universities (Chisato Kitanaka)
Accusations from young generations (Kazuna Yamamoto)
Making our voices heard (Tamaka Ogawa)
Legal problem among sexual harassments (Mutsuko Asakura, Kazuko Ito)
From international human rights laws and efforts of other countries (Shin Hae Bong)
How to change men’s minds (Masaomi Kaneko)
Placement of sexual orientation and gender identity (Yuichi Kamiya)
Proposal of desexual harassment society (Kazuko Ito)

Title: Zero Sexual Harassment Declaration
The author and editor: Yukiko Tsunoda, Kazuko Ito
Number of pages: 224
Publishing company: Kamogawa Syuppan
Publication day: 2021/4/17
Price: 2750 yen (tax included)

Translated by Rino Ohchi