The lives of children, women and men are threatened. The forests are screaming. All living things that dwell there have no place to go. Where are we heading? Behind scenes of abundance, nature has been destroyed. There are murders or atrocities somewhere in the world every day. Before fear envelopes the world, I beg you: please embrace life. If each one of us does so, the world will change.

This “Protect Life” series debuted at the Sagacho Archives in 2015. It was born out of my feeling a sense of world crisis. My new oil painting,“Welcome to Earth”, depicts the blessing of new life. These souls that descend on our world are not women, nor are they men or angels. Rather, they are more like spirits or “ki" rising up from the ground. This is something that you don’t normally see, but you can feel. These beings stem from my personal interpretation.

Interpreter, medium, and mediator. These words express my artistic nature.
2016 Sanae Takahata

Original Article on the WAN Website (2016.09.21)
Translated by T. Muramatsu