I decided to have breast cancer surgery in Manila, and my primary surgeon, Dr. Valencia, explained to me that I had to complete the following four steps before the surgery could be performed. This was in December 2021, when the pandemic was still in progress.

1. CT scan to check the size of the cancer and its metastatic status
2. Various blood tests & cardiovascular tests to check if the patient is healthy enough to undergo general anesthesia surgery
3. Obtain surgical clearance for general anesthesia from a cardiologist
4. Take a PCR test 72 hours prior to admission and it must be negative

In Japan, a series of tests before surgery can be arranged at the hospital where the surgery is performed as a one-stop service, but this is not the case in the Philippines. In the Philippines, if your doctor tells you to get a test, you must call the hospital or make an appointment online and arrange for the test yourself.
The Japanese clinic in Manila where I was examined for breast cancer had a Japanese assistant. If the test could be done in the clinic, she would arrange it for me. However, there were several tests that could not be done at the Japanese-affiliated clinic, I had to make an appointment at another general hospital by myself.
The surgeon, Dr. Valencia, thought that the surgery should be done as soon as possible and said, “Let's do the surgery in two weeks. I will reserve the operating room at the hospital for you.” He set a date for the surgery while I had not yet made an appointment for the tests.
In order to get all the test results by the scheduled surgery date, I began a hectic schedule of researching the most recent available date, making an appointment, going to the hospital for testing and receiving the results.

CT scan room in the hospital

CT scan result file

The result of the first test CT scan was a big shock. It showed that my cancer had aggressive features and was scattered throughout my left breast, the largest of which was 5cm x 4cm x 2cm, and that it may have spread to my spine. I’d been extremely health-conscious and couldn't believe this was happening to me.

I consulted Dr. Valencia about the results of the CT scan,he said, "Let's look at the results of the blood tests as well to determine if there are any metastases, and then we can decide whether to operate or not." Fortunately, the blood test did not show any tendency of bone metastasis, so the surgery was to be performed as scheduled.
All the tests came back, the PCR test(it came back negative), and I was finally at the point where I would be operated on in three days. I was in a shambles, but I managed to run right up to the finish line, which was the surgery. But just before the surgery, the cardiologist said, "I can't authorize the surgery without the result of an echo cardiogram as well."
I consulted my surgeon, Dr. Valencia. He said, " I cancel your operating room appointment and reschedule it for 10 days from now. You need to have an echo cardiogram right away."
All the nearby hospitals were fully booked for the echo cardiogram, and it was unlikely that I would be able to get one for some time. I was in trouble, but thankfully the staff at the clinic where I had previously been seen squeezed my echo cardiogram in their schedule and provide me with the result that same day.
This allowed me to get clearance from my cardiologist and it was decided that I could have the surgery on the scheduled date. It was 20 days after the diagnosis of breast cancer.
The reason I was able to have the surgery so quickly was because I decided to have the surgery in Manila instead of returning to Japan. I was relieved when it was decided that I could have the surgery.
But even after the surgery date was set, anxiety and fear were always in the forefront of my mind. I knew that surgery was not the goal of breast cancer treatment. After the surgery, what kind of treatment will begin and what will happen to my life in the future?

The more I tried not to think about it, the more I couldn't get it out of my head. To alleviate my concerns, I consulted with Mr. Wong Kee Yew, a vegetarian nutrition teacher I have studied with for several years. He is a graduate of Bachelor of Biotechnology who worked at the National Cancer Center of Singapore and is also an expert in Traditional Chinese medicine. I had taken his course "Nutrition for Cancer Prevention" more than once.

Received my certificate of completion of vegetarian nutrition course from Teacher Wong Kee Yew

I wanted to hear his opinion on why I, who had lived my life by following what I had learned there, had developed cancer.
He listened to me carefully for over two hours after seeing my answers to a questionnaire about diet, sleep, and lifestyle. He said, “There is nothing wrong with your past diet, sleep and exercise. The emotional aspect is probably the cause of your cancer. But my specialty is nutrition, so I won't go into that.”

Bamboo Salt sent by Teacher Wong Kee Yew

Then he introduced me to supplements and other products that would boost my immune system. He sent me the products all the way from Malaysia that were hard to find in Manila. His kindness was greatly appreciated, but of course the supplements he recommended did nothing to alleviate my anxiety and fear.
To ease my anxiety, I tried various meditation techniques, including those of a reputable teacher, in addition to the ones I had been learning. I have been practicing yoga and meditation for 10 years, and during this time of greatest anxiety and fear in my life, I may have done more meditation than I have ever done in my life. I felt relaxed while meditating, but the anxiety and fear that had become lodged in my mind could not be wiped away by any of the meditations.
I had studied meditation for years and yet I didn't get the benefits of meditation. I thought I was not cut out for meditation.

Now that I have learned from Master Del Pe, an energy scientist, I can see that it is not that I am not a good meditator, but that I was not doing the meditation that I needed to do at that time.
If you are covered by negative emotions and thoughts, as I was at the time, you need to do a special meditation method designed to remove them. Master Del Pe calls this type of meditation method "Meditation as a science.” It is a systematic approach to meditation with a set of rules to follow in order to produce the desired effect. One of these "meditations as a science" is a healing meditation that removes the energy of disease.

What I needed at the time was that healing meditation. If you choose the type of meditation you need and follow the right process, meditation has a healing effect like medicine.
But I didn't know that yet, and I was blindly trying all sorts of meditations. Of course, it was somewhat better than doing nothing at all.
With great anxiety and fear, I went into the day of my surgery.

Master del Pe's healing meditation "Just Be Free" can be learned in this online course.

Author's introduction: Chie Hoshiya
Since 2013, she has been living in Manila, Philippines, where she works as a yoga teacher and online Japanese teacher. In 2021, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent surgery and treatment, and in the process of treatment, encountered energy healing. In 2022,Certified as an Energy Healing Associate Specialist by the World institute for incurable diseases (WIID),founded by Master Del Pe, a world-renowned Healing Master.